(garlic, onions, leeks, shallots, chives, etc.)

allium cepa aggregatum (onion)

Tohono O'odham I'itoi's Multiplier Onion

20 to 30 "cloves" per bulb-a small, strong-flavored, vigorously-multiplying light-purple shallot with copper-colored skins, from the Tohono O'odham Indians of southern Arizona and adjacent portions of Mexico. (The O'odham are also known as the Pima, which, so I have heard, means "I don't know"-the answer they gave to Europeans asking them who they were in unintelligible languages.) For a desert variety it has done very well here, the approximately 75 single garlic-clove sized shallots I planted yielding 11 pounds the next summer. (My four biggest bulbs, each originating from a single shallot, weighed in at almost 2 pounds just on their own.) Tohono O'odham I'itoi's is being grown organically but is not certified as such, like the garlic. Plant and grow similarly to garlic (see Kaskaskia Red, above).


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