Belamcanda chinensis

Blackberry Iris

3' to 4' tall-Native to China and Japan, this spectacular hardy perennial puts on a show from early summer until well after frost. A rather unassuming fan of iris-like leaves arises in the spring, with numerous small, intricate yellow flowers almost covered with red spots appearing in the summer above the leaves. After they are pollinated, the flowers twist themselves up quite remarkably into tight spirals of dark yellow and red-orange, giving way to balloon-like bright green seed pods, which crumple back to reveal gorgeous clusters of deep purple berries in the fall (at a glance similar to a large blackberry). I have never seen a single flower do so many amazing things before. The roots are used in Chinese medicine, having antifungal and antiviral properties. One source says that the young leaves are edible, but I haven't tried this yet. Also known as Blackberry Lily, Leopard Flower, and, in China, She Gan. $4.00/20 seeds LIMITED QUANTITIES ONLY

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