Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra)

Red Burgundy

65 days-Fruits, stems, and ribs of leaves are all a deep rhubarb-red, a nice contrast to the green foliage. Red color is not retained when cooked. Beautiful, somewhat brain-like seeds are covered in tiny parallel stripes of varying shades of green (like all okras-okra seeds can be boiled, pickled, ground into a meal and baked into bread, pressed for oil, made into tofu and tempeh, or used as an alternative to coffee.) I am not sure why this variety has such a strangely redundant name-other sources just call it Burgundy. Okra, I think, is my favorite vegetable, even edging out squash, and I hope to offer many more varieties of this excellent plant in the future. $2.50/25 seeds

HOPED-FOR ADDITIONS FOR THE FUTURE: Sarajevo Bamija / Red Velvet / Star of David / Bowling Red / Yuma Red / Burmese / African Red / Mauma / Biokoul / Alabama Red / Mouassa

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