Atriplex hortensis

Red Orach

40 days to first edible leaves-4' tall or more. A lovely glowing purple-red variety of a once-popular salad and cooking green that fell out of favor sometime around the turn of the last century. Also known as Mountain Spinach and Butter Leaves. Leaves described as arrow-shaped and/or shaped like spinach. Apparently used to be mixed with sorrel leaves to balance their acid taste. Holds its flavor into the summer months better than spinach (i.e., is less apt to become bitter). Most types revert to green when cooked. Highly prized by the rabbits in my garden. Small, flat, round seeds are surrounded by a circular, semi-transparent, frisbee-like sail to help them disperse around your garden, where they will sometimes self-sow. Very hardy. Plant as early as ground can be worked. $2.50/approximately 250 seeds

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