Phaseolus coccineus (Runner Beans)

Scarlet Runner

70 days to "green" bean stage, 100 days to dry bean stage. Pole habit. Needs trellising or something else to grow on. Twining runners can reach 10 feet or more in height. Huge oval-shaped baking beans mottled deep red and black-a big double handful of these will knock your socks off. Gorgeous red blooms attract hummingbirds and can be eaten in salads. Perennial in the tropics, like all runner beans. A purple and black version was described in 1750 and grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in 1791. $2.50/25 seeds

Painted Lady

70 days to "green" bean stage, 100 to dry. Pole habit. Said to be the only runner bean with bi-colored flowers, red on top and white on the bottom half. Huge beans are a mottled combination of brownish-lavender and purplish-brown. A.k.a. York, Bicolor, and Lancaster. Introduced from Portugal in 1633 (!) and known in Rio de Janeiro in 1827. $2.50/25 seeds

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