Coix lachrymajobi

Job's Tears

120 days-3' to 6' stalks. Strange teardrop-shaped bluish-gray or white seeds with three or more tiny hairs protruding from the pointed end. Shiny and hard as a rock. An ancient grain. Seeds are used as beads for percussion instruments, jewelry, and rosaries, and also used to make flour, grits, and in the Nagaland region (presently) of India, a type of beer called dzu or zhu. Tasty breads can be made from the flour. Needs a long season, so you may want to start these in pots. Soaking the seeds in water overnight before planting is recommended. Looks a lot like corn when it first comes up, but a little more ragged around the edges. Takes a long time to sprout, up to a month. Perennial in the tropical parts of Asia from whence it comes. Also known as Adlay. A fascinating and nutritious plant. $3.00/25 seeds

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