Pisum sativum (Peas)

Blue Pod Capucijners

90 days-beautiful vines 4' to 6' tall (need staking)-6 to 8 peas per pod. A soup pea developed by (probably French or Dutch) Capuchin monks sometime between the 16th and 18th centuries, and introduced to this country from the Netherlands. (Another story has it that the name derives from markings on the peas that resembled the monks' cowls. At any rate this variety has been around since before 1820.) Rich tan/brown peas arise from flowers that are various shades of pink, lavender, and purple and ripen inside striking purple pods. Peas make their own dark gravy when boiled. A.k.a. Grey, Dutch Grey, Purple Podded Grey, and Pois a crosse violette. $2.50/50 seeds LIMITED QUANTITIES ONLY

HOPED-FOR ADDITIONS FOR THE FUTURE: Abyssinicum / Goroh / Subfrufum / Blauwschokker / Kazanskij / Punctatum / Purple Passion / Jamtlandsk / Benjamin / Finnmarksart / Daghestan

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